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About Us

We have experience, experience, experience

Nel’s Tractor is family-owned and operated and was established in 1981, offering over 35 years of business experience. We have the same knowledgeable staff working each day. We have trained service technicians, proper and adequate repair facilities, and our technicians attend annual factory school training and update seminars.

We stock parts

Nel’s Tractor averages over $250,000 in parts inventory. We can look up and order parts for most brands of equipment.

We service ALL Makes

Nel’s Tractor will service all makes and models of equipment, and do so in a timely manner. We work on our equipment in the order it is received. For a faster turn-around on service work, purchase your new equipment from us. Customers who have purchased their equipment from us receive top priority and go to the top of the list.

We work with you one-on-one

Nel’s Tractor works with our customers one-on-one, from helping select the best product, to delivering new equipment and giving instruction on proper use and operation. During and after the sale, a quick phone call allows our customers to have a one-on-one conversation with our sales team to have questions or concerns addressed. Our customers can get to know us personally, and we will still be here to help them in the future.

We sell quality equipment

Nel’s Tractor is committed to our customers and we realize the importance of selling quality equipment over “cheap” equipment. Our prices may be a little higher than some stores, but our products and service are better quality. We have had many years of experience with many different brands of equipment, and have chosen to sell the products that we feel are the best quality.

We offer parts, service, and warranty

Nel’s Tractor can help you with parts, service, and warranty for all of our new equipment and also for many brands that we do not sell. Many stores do not offer parts, service, or warranty for the products they sell. Nel’s Tractor will deliver new equipment completely set up, prepped, and ready to use. Considering the value of pre-delivery set-up and inspection, new equipment delivery, parts availability, service priority, and warranty service, Nel’s Tractor can’t be beat.

We invest in the local economy

Choose to purchase your equipment from us so your hard-earned money stays local, to be used in the local economy. Our profits are invested and spent locally, not sent out of the area to be invested elsewhere like some stores. To keep your local community alive, invest in your local dealer, Nel’s Tractor, so we will continue to be here for many years down the road for all your sales, parts, and service needs.

We properly set up new equipment

Nel’s Tractor is committed to delivering a product that is properly set up, inspected, and serviced for our customers use. A product that is simply taken out of the box or crate is not ready to use. Pre-delivery inspection and maintenance must be completed prior to use and usually cannot be done by a mass merchant or the customer. One example is the adjustment of the engine RPM’s. If the RPM’s are not adjusted properly, the engine will not run efficiently. This may cause slow ground speed, overheating, poor performance, and plugged baggers. Another example is checking the air pressure in tires. Low air in tires can cause the mower deck to cut low on one side and may also cause the tires to cut into the lawn. Also, if a mower deck is not adjusted properly, there could be an issue with streaking and scalping the lawn. The mower deck must also be leveled to keep from accumulating excessive grass on the deck, using too much engine power, and wearing belts too quickly.

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